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Thursday, March 13, 2014

32 Days Left – Pacquiao vs Bradley 2 with Max Kellerman

Max Kellerman believes that the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao is now softening and that the killer instinct was gone. Timothy Bradley also said that the “Eye of the Tiger” of Manny Pacquiao was nowhere to found. 

During that interview, as a boxing blogger I also believe that Manny Pacquiao is not serious in this fight. He only wants to prove to everyone that he can give a good “SHOW” to the viewers. Honestly I am not in favor with his answer, we fans needs to see a boxing not a comedy show or whatsoever. Manny Pacquiao’s hunger days are gone; he isn’t as hungry fighter as before. I know Manny Pacquiao is a God Fearing person but it is boxing, it is a sport so don’t show any sign of weakness in this kind of sports.

For Timothy Bradley’s side, he is focused and determined to prove to everyone that he’s the best fighter out there. I honestly believe that Timothy Bradley will come out victorious this time without any controversy. Bradley’s eyes looked so eager, his will to fight and win was seen in his eyes. 

I am not Bradley’s fans but we’ll never know who will come out victorious. 

Here’s the interview of Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley with Max Kellerman

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