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Monday, March 17, 2014

Timothy Bradley not wearing socks might be the problem during the fight

During the last time Timothy Bradley faced Manny Pacquiao was on June 2012 at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Timothy Bradley chooses not to wear any socks with his shoes during the fight. This resulted to injuring Bradley’s feet because his foot is moving around his shoe from the sweat. Bradley didn’t opt to use his socks on the fight because he didn’t even bother using socks during his training, but he didn’t expect that the surface at MGM Grand is much harder compared to his training gym.

Timothy Bradley’s foot work didn’t work well because his feet were moving around inside his shoes. Timothy Bradley’s balance was compromised because he didn’t have the support he needed because of not wearing socks.

Timothy Bradley believes that he would have beaten Manny Pacquiao a lot easier if he does wear socks that time. 

For me, I believe in Timothy Bradley’s reasons because he is not used to it and he is not comfortable with it. I am a little bit disappointed that his camp didn’t even bother to check the arena first before they’re going to fight. So If I were in Bradley’s camp I would check the arena ahead of time to determine whether socks are needed or not.

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